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[TW-Movie] Blue Gate Crossing (2002)

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Bold tomboy Lin (Lin Shu-Hui Liang) and pretty, reserved Meng (Lun-Mei Guey) are Taiwanese high school girls whose extremely close friendship revolves around Meng’s crush on Zhang (Bo-Lin Chen), the popular star of the boys’ swim team. When Lin takes it upon herself to act as the go-between for her friend, Zhang and Lin begin spending time together. Though Lin attempts to envision herself with him, her true romantic feelings are for her girlfriend Meng.

BLUE GATE CROSSING’s delicate subject matter is carefully handled by director Yee Chih-Yen, whose sensitive script avoids stereotypes in favor of an honest portrayal of the universally understood pangs of teenage attraction. In the uncertainty of adolescent love, even the possibility of a kiss from a crush seems nonexistent.

With its truthful, slyly humorous approach; its crisp, bright imagery; and its appealing, altogether believable young cast; BLUE GATE CROSSING treats the confusion and frustration of growing up with respect than is rarely found in similar western teen films.

-Chen Bo-lin as Zhang Shihao
-Kwai Lunmei as Meng Kerou
-Liang Shu-hui as Lin Yuezhen
-Joanna Chou as Mrs. Meng


Blue Gate crossing English Subtitle:


Written by fivesixzero

October 16, 2009 at 8:35 am

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